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Town Clerk: (802) 775-4274

Clarendon Vermont Town Hall

279 Middle Road
N. Clarendon, VT 05759
(802) 775-4274


Mon-Thurs 10am-4pm
Closed Sat-Sun

Clarendon Town Officials

Mike Klopchin

Mike Klopchin

Select Board Chair
Airport Committee

(802) 558-4375


Robert Congdon Jr.

Robert Congdon Jr.

Select Board
Rutland County Sheriff’s 
Department Liaison
Justice of the Peace

(802) 282-7923


Robert Bixby

Robert Bixby

Select Board Clerk
Community Center Board
State Police Advisory
Committee Liaison

(802) 773-6470

Rick Wilbur

Arthur Menard

Select Board
Community Center Board
Recreation Committee
Justice of the Peace

(802) 774-8944


Cash Ruane

Cash Ruane

Select Board
Road Commissioner

(802) 345-2193


Elected Town Officials

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Position Name Term Expires
Town Clerk - 3yr term Gloria Menard - clarendonclerk@comcast.net 3/23
Treasurer - 3yr term Heidi Congdon - clarendontreas@comcast.net 3/23
Collector of Delinquent Taxes Ashley Robinson - clarendondeltax@comcast.net 3/23
Selectmen - 3yr term Art Menard, Robert S. Congdon Jr., Michael Klopchin 3/25, 3/24, 3/23
Selectmen - 2yr term Cash Ruane, Robert Bixby 3/24, 3/23
Lister - 3yr term Bob Underhill, George Ambrose, Kevin Peck - clarendonlisters@comcast.net 3/25, 3/23, 3/23
Auditors - 3yr term Richard Bersaw Jr., David Bosch, Kevin Dougherty 3/24, 3/25, 3/23
Town Moderator 1 yr term Robert S. Congdon Jr. 3/23
Mill River Unified Union School Director - 3 yr term Douglas Earle 3/23
Mill River Unified Union School Director - 3yr term Matthew Gouchberg 3/24
Mill River Unified Union School Director - 3 yr term Andrea Hawkins, Len Doucette 3/25, 3/25
Justices of the Peace - 2 yr term 2/1/23-1/31/25 George Ambrose, David Bosch, John Colvin, Robert Congdon Jr., Deborah Dougherty, Kevin Dougherty, Arthur Menard, R. Brownson Spencer Republican Republican, Republican, Republican, Republican, Republican, Republican, Republican

Appointed Town Officials

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Position Name Term Expires
Animal Control Rutland County Sheriff's Dept. 802-775-8002
Clarendon Community Center Board - 1yr term Robert Bixby, Matt Jakubowski: Chair, Arthur Menard, Gloria Menard, Marjorie White Southard 3/23
Community Center Board Town Reoresentatives Nancy Buffum, Vacant 3/23
Road Commissioner Cash Ruane 3/23
Emergency Management Director Matt Jakubowski 3/23
E911 Coordinator Primary Contact: Katie Nop, Secondary Contact: Matt Jakubowski 3/23, 3/23
Planning Commission - 4yr term, staggered John Colvin, Heidi Eccleston, Don Pratt, John McKenna, Brownson Spencer: Chair, Vacant, Vacant 4/24, 4/25, 4/24, 4/26, 4/26, 4/24
Recreation Committee Members - 1yr term Matt Jakubowski: Chair, Arthur Menard, Michael Robilotto, Heather Robilotto, Vacant, Vacant, Vacant 3/23
Special Police Officer - 1yr term Vacant
Health Officer Richard Griffith 802-438-2934 1/25
Tree Warden - 1yr term Vacant
Zoning Administrator - 3yr term Kevin Dougherty 802-683-9984 3/25
Zoning Board of Adjustment - 2yr term, staggered Brownson Spencer: Chair, Don Pratt, John Colvin, Gale LiCausi, Heidi Eccleston, John McKenna, Vacant 3/23, 3/24, 3/23, 3/23, 3/24, 3/24
Regional Ambulance Service - 3yr term Kevin Dougherty 3/23
Airport Committee Regular: Mike Klopchin, Alternate: Arthur Menard 3/23
Cemeteries Fact Finding Committee Bob Underhill, Kevin Peck 3/23
Rutland County Solid Waste District Representative Regular: Dave Potter, Alternate: Robert Bixby 3/23
Rutland Regional Transportation Council Regular: David Potter, Alternate: Robert Bixby 6/30/22
Rutland Regional Planning Commission Regular: Brownson Spencer, Alternate: Vacant 6/30/23
Grand Juror Michael J. Pedone 3/23
First Constable C. J. Frankiewicz 802-773-8716 3/23
Rutland County Sheriff's Department Select Board Liaison: Robert Congdon 3/23
State Police Advisory Committee Select Board Liaison: Robert Bixby 3/23
Note: All appointees appointed to serve at the pleasure of the Select Board