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Clarendon Planning Commission – Approved Minutes

Clarendon Planning Commission – APPROVED Minutes
February 17, 2020 – Clarendon Town Hall

Present: Brownson Spencer, Heidi Eccleston, John Colvin, Bryan Johnson, Gale LiCausi, John Mckenna, Don Pratt

Public: Marjorie Southard

Call to Order: Brownson called the meeting to order at 6:33pm

Approve Agenda: Gale added discussion for RRPC alternate representative. Agenda approved by consensus.

Public Comment: None

Minutes from 9-16-2019 and 11-18-19: Heidi motioned and Bryan seconded for both sets of meeting minutes. Motions passed unanimously.

Review mail: Wastewater permit notice

FEMA revisions to flood mapping: At our previous meeting, Brownson read a letter from FEMA dated September 30, 2019 asking for feedback re impacts of updating flood mapping. Discussion followed re property values, future development and flood insurance. Brownson drafted letter to U.S. Geological Survey by November 27, 2019 to give the Commission’s feedback and shared with the Select Board in a timely manner.

RRPC Alternate Representative: Since there was no volunteer, Gale offered to take the position and will advise the SB.

Proposed changes to zoning application forms and policies: Discussion followed review of ZA’s recommendations including but not limited to the results of the Commission’s suggested fee revisions forwarded to the SB in December 2016. Gale will pursue the SB’s decision re our suggestions. The Commission tabled the proposed changes until the next meeting.

Member Concerns: None

Public Comment: None.

Agenda building:

  • Approve agenda
  • Public Comment
  • Approve minutes from meeting 12-16-2019
  • Review Mail
  • Proposed changes to zoning application forms and policies
  • Member Updates
  • Public Comment
  • Agenda Building
  • Executive Session (if needed)

Heidi made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Bryan seconded. Meeting adjourned at 7:04pm.

The next regularly scheduled meeting will be Monday, January 20, 2020 to start at 6:30pm in the Clarendon Town Hall.

Respectfully submitted,

Gale LiCausi, Clerk

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Forms and Documents Downloads

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